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Corporate Accounts

Expect more from your corporate account
Easily manage your everyday financial operations with your own IBAN account. No branch visit needed. We execute both incoming and outgoing SEPA payments with all EU banks that support SEPA transfers.

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How to get started

The bank account that provides flexible access with more ways to bank

1. Fill the form
2. Get pre-qualified
3. Verify your ID
4. Enjoy our banking
Features & benefits

Create corporate accounts for all your needs

  • Get as many accounts as you need
  • Option to set up Balance Connect for overdraft protection
  • Get as many virtual cards as you need. Practical for expense overview and limits
  • NO minimum balance required

Plus peace of mind that your money is safe and secure.

Austria   Belgium   Bulgaria     Croatia
Cyprus   Czech Republic   Denmark   Estonia
Finland    France   Germany   Gibraltar
Greece   Hungary     Iceland   Ireland
Italy   Latvia   Liechtenstein   Lithuania
Luxembourg   Malta   Netherlands   Norway
Poland   Portugal   Romania   Slovakia
Slovenia   Spain   Sweden   United Kingdom

Which countries do you support?

We accept businesses incorporated in countries mentioned in the table to the left.

How to apply

What do you need to open a corporate account?

Have corporate documents and ID on the CEO ready. Then click Open Account and get started.